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MCA (Motor Club of America) is a roadside assistance company established in 1926, now servicing over 9,000,000 motorists in the United States of America and Canada.
Mav’ is a partner program that helps people to live up to their true potential as an IBO (Independent Business Owner) for the partner company, which indeed opens up to new opportunities.

MCA Mav’ membership plans provide comprehensive roadside assistance and protection against life’s unexpected turn of events. Providing the best protection for our members is a core belief. Members are protected while driving, while at work, while at home and while at play.

TVC (MCA Mav’s parent company) has been a staple in the commercial driving community. Nicknamed “The Trucker’s Voice in Court” by those that it protects. At the helm of our company is Mr. Vigil Coffee, the same man responsible for the original compensation plan for Pre-Paid Legal and grew it to a multi-million dollar company. Because of the pristine reputation in the truck driving community, we are able to protect at all costs.
Every potential IBO for MCA has to purchase their own membership. which is Total Security. The fee is $40. You are NOT paying to work, you are paying to receive your benefits. You wouldn’t want to get a haircut from someone whose never cut hair before would you? Exactly. So you have to know and understand the benefits you are helping others to receive and take advantage of. Once you pay for your benefits and fill out the form to become an associate, you can start working immediately. You can set up your direct deposit or you can receive your check via UPS Express. You will get paid every Friday! Your life is what you make it, start living it!

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We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau: See Here


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